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>September 2011 Book Club Selection
>What a Bad Dream
>By Mercer Mayer
>Print/braille edition, $5.00
>In contracted braille with skip lines
>Ages 4-8
>Little Critter, Mercer Mayer's beloved character, stars in his own bad dream
>in a storybook that shows little kids that nightmares happen to everybody.
>In his dream, Little Critter drinks a magic potion hat allows him to do wild
>things and break all his parents' rules: skip his baths, have a gorilla for
>a pet, eat ice cream for breakfast, and so on. His family soon tires of this
>and decides to leave him alone. But soon, Little Critter gets sleepy, and
>there's no one to tuck him in, read him a story, and give him a hug!
>Luckily, he wakes up to his Mom and Dad comforting him, tucking him in, and
>giving him warm milk.
>"As a parent I sometimes wonder what I'd do without wonderful books like
>this one. When a child has bad dreams and you just talking isn't helping,
>this one might make the discussion easier."
>- Jody F., Amazon.com
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