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Elizabeth Phillips evp at email.arizona.edu
Fri Jun 8 17:27:23 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone,

I'm totally blind and want to start teaching online in the next few
semesters.  My computer is quite old, and I only have JAWS 11 at the moment
which is wanting when it comes to optimally making teaching platforms such
as Desire to Learn and Blackboard accessible.  It's also had great trouble
with JAVA and Flash media.  I'm in the process of acquiring a new computer
with Windows 7, with the most optimal configuration of programs and
applications for word processing and online teaching.

I have two questions for the group and would welcome any suggestions,
feedback, or experience you might have. 

First, is there anyone here using JAWS 13 with Blackboard, Meeting Space,
webconferencing programs, and similar applications?  If so, what has been
your experience?  Have you found that specific JAWS configurations coupled
with older versions of Flash and Java more compatible than JAWS with up to
date versions of the same software?  Is there anything I should be
particularly aware of regarding JAWS 13 accessibility?

I am also wondering about peoples' experience with open source screen
readers.  Does anyone on the list use one and, if so, which one?  Would you
recommend it as something comparable to JAWS 13, and do you think it works
well with the kinds of programs and add ons needed for online teaching?  I'm
very interested in supporting universal access to screen reading software
and the ability of all blind people, regardless of socioeconomic background,
to have as much access to information as their sighted cohorts.  So, if
there is one or a number of open source screen readers compatible with
Windows 7 and the applications I've mentioned I'd prefer to use it over

Thank you,

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