[nobe-l] West Virginia School for the blind Principal job opening.

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sun Jun 10 04:10:57 UTC 2012

>                         JOB DESCRIPTION
>TITLE:                             Principal, School for the
>                      West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and
>                 the Blind (WVSDB)
>GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY:  Provide instructional vision and
>                      administrative direction for all
>                      students with blindness or low vision in
>                      the School for the Blind and its
>                      associated residence hall.
>RELATIONSHIPS:           Responsible to the Superintendent
>                      of the West Virginia Schools for the
>                      Deaf and the Blind.
>GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS:  Master's Degree in an educational
>                      field; must meet the requirements for a
>                      West Virginia Professional Teaching
>                      Certificate with endorsement in Visually
>                      Impaired PK-AD; a minimum of five years
>                      of teaching experience with the visually
>                      impaired; minimum of three years
>                      supervisory or administrative experience
>                      required; must have or acquire a West
>                      Virginia Professional Administrative
>                      Certificate (Principal PK-AD) within
>                      three years of employment.  Must meet
>                      criteria for Braille skill level as
>                      outlined in WVSDB Communication Policy
>                      within two years of employment.
>HOURS OF WORK:      Normal school day and availability to
>                      accomplish the expectations of the
>                      position
>The principal of the School for the Blind will provide visionary leadership
>marked by respect for students as learners with unique needs that are
>anticipated and addressed for constant access to the appropriate curriculum.
>The principal will  advocate for learning that is, at every grade and age,
>crucial for transition to a lifetime marked by productive citizenship and
>relationships of quality.  The principal will demonstrate those
>characteristics associated with collaborative leadership, including
>communication and team decision making. The principal will be a proactive
>advocate for the School for the Blind on campus and as a state and
>nationwide resource.
>The principal
>    ú    Is responsible to provide vision and direction
>       demonstrated through a strategic plan, developed by
>       stakeholders, focused on the education of and positive
>       outcomes for the students
>    ú    Is responsible for the general organization and
>       supervision of all aspects of the School for the Blind and
>       its associated dormitory.
>    ú    Is responsible for adhering to the West Virginia School
>       Law and guidelines for elementary and secondary schools, all
>       State Board Policies, and all policies of the West Virginia
>       Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.
>    ú    Acts as a resource to the Superintendent in
>       instructional matters and needs for technology to improve
>       outcomes for students
>    ú    Is responsible for ensuring an educational program that
>       is integrated with and extends into the associated dormitory
>    ú    Creates an instructional schedule that focuses on
>       increased student learning through flexible design and
>       extended learning time.
>    ú    Ensures the presence of classroom management practices
>       that foster a climate conducive to student learning
>    ú    Provides positive instructional leadership for
>       implementation of West Virginia's Next Generation Standards
>       and Expanded Core Curriculum
>    ú    Collaborates with leadership of the School(s) for the
>       Deaf to maximize learning resources, teaching expertise, and
>       professional development
>    ú    Plans for the financial needs of the School for the
>       Blind on an annual and long term basis
>    ú    Maintains professional work habits
>    ú    Evaluates faculty and staff performance
>    ú    Supervises the maintenance of student records, files
>       and other information according to regulations and policies
>       governing confidentiality
>    ú    Recommends to the Superintendent persons to fill staff
>       vacancies and to secure substitute personnel as needed in
>       accordance with school policies.
>    ú    Performs other duties and responsibilities as may be
>       assigned by the Superintendent.
>SALARY:             12-Month (261 Day) contract with salary
>                      based on Hampshire County Schools
>                      Principal Salary scales with applicable
>                      salary enhancements as set forth in WV
>                      Code 18A-4-3 included.
>                         JOB DESCRIPTION
>GENERAL CLASSIFICATION:       Administration
>SPECIFIC POSITION:            Principal
>                                School for the Blind
>Examples of specific duties and responsibilities:
>1.  Primary responsibility for instructional leadership and
>   direction within the school.  Such responsibilities
>   include:
>    a.   Scheduling time to work with staff to plan, organize,
>       implement and evaluate the educational programs.
>b.   Creating appropriate instructional time and monitoring
>its use
>c.   Assisting teachers in developing individual plans for
>instructional improvement.
>d.   Coordinating professional development activities
>identified in cooperation with the staff.
>e.   Involving the community in planning and reviewing the
>educational program.
>f.   Keeping parents informed about the education program
>through newsletters, parent-citizen groups and reports on student
>g.   Establishing a climate of learning based on positive
>behavioral support (PBS) components
>h.   Setting the outcomes for students in the school's
>associated dormitory
>i.   Directing integrated program design for the school and
>the associated dormitory
>   2.  Submit requisitions for equipment, repairs and
>    materials.
>   3.  Identify and advocate for needed support services.
>   4.  Supervise management of the school's budget to remain within projected
>   5.  Supervise the general operation of the office
>   6.  Prepare an annual school handbook as guide for
>    schedules, policies and information of interest to
>    students and families.
>7.     Prepare the School for the Blind section for the
>    school's Annual Report.
>8.     Provide general supervision for student teachers
>    assigned to the department.
>9.     Provide orientation and support to new teachers.
>10.  Prepare schedules for students and staff subject to the approval of the
>11.  Attend staff meetings as required by the superintendent 12.  Contribute
>to ad hoc study groups and campus planning
>    groups as required by the superintendent 13.  Commit to instruction
>individualized through IEPs that document student needs and drive
>personalization of learning and the necessary supports.
>14.  Access all funding opportunities
>1.  Review teacher's instructional plans on the required schedule.
>2.  Observe teacher and student performance in the classroom
>   and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement 3.  Arrange for
>and participate in parent conferences as appropriate.
>4.  Conduct individual staff member conferences.
>5.  Supervise the development, implementation and evaluation of individual
>educational programs.
>6.  Evaluate staff performance
>7.  Provide general supervision for the operation of the Instructional
>Resource Center.
>8.  Conduct formal and informal communication and
>   observation with staff at the School's associated
>   dormitory
>9.  Communicate regularly with students in the School's
>   associated dormitory and direct the changes that are
>   essential for extended opportunities for learning and
>   growth of the students socially and emotionally.
>10. Direct the purchase and use of instructional and
>   assistive technology through personal    knowledge or
>   identification of resources to do so.
>11. Communicate high expectations for students and teaching staff 12. Use
>the K12 Outreach Specialists as instructional resources and supports for
>1.  Meet with and interview prospective students and their parents.
>2.  Assist students, families, county administrators and
>   teachers, to better understand the programs and activities
>   of the School for the Blind.
>3.  Seek out opportunities to provide visibility for the School for the
>Blind 4.  Maintain Braille skill level as outlined in the WVSDB
>Communication Policy.

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