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Dear Michelle:

I am not in the Washington or Oregon area but I am close enough as a
neighboring state, though I am not a teacher.
I specialize more in Assistive Technology although I will be going for a
M.A. in AT-EDU in the near future.

My suggestion for you would to be a part of a few NFBnet listservs that will
have relevance to your subject matter.
Visit nfbnet.org/mailman/listinfo (no www in front) for a list of the
available listservs.

Some lists that might help you along are "blindkid" (for parents of blind
children), "Blindmath", and "nabs-l" (for blind students of all ages) just
to name a few.
Good luck on your journey as a teacher of blind students and I wish you the

C.C. Alan
Northern Nevada NFB

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Hello List

My name is Michelle and I live in British Columbia Canada. I've finally
decided to take the plunge and do what it takes to become a teacher of blind
students. Fear has been holding me back for some time however I've had a
wonderful boost in my attitudes and skills around blindness over the past
year so some of the fears are no longer even worth pondering. I've been
trying to figure out my path for some time now and after having some
wonderful experiences volunteering this summer at an intensive for blind
students I've decided this is the time!

My focus will be elementary school aged children and I need to take a course
called Math for Elementary School Teachers as part of the pre-requisits for
the Teacher Education program. The thought of taking math courses scares the
living daylights out of me because I was terrible in math at school but here
we go. Braille is my primary medium especially when it comes to math and I'm
wondering whether anyone has good suggestions on how I might either get the
book transcribed or even get it in a form of E-Braille that is actually
interpreted properly by my braille display.

I'm also wondering if there are any of you who teach in the Washington or
Portland areas? It would be wonderful to connect with someone who has
actually done this successfully. At this point, I'm not as concerned about
talking to someone who is a teacher of blind students as what I am with
talking to someone who is in a classroom teaching sighted students. This is
what I'll have to do in my practicum and teacher training and I know they
will ask me a ton of questions as to how I'll accomplish particular tasks. I
plan to start volunteering in the elementary school system as soon as
possible again.

I'm sure excited to have found this list! Hope you don't mind lots and lots
of questions because trust me, I have many!


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