[nobe-l] Stereotypic repetitive behaviors #BrlChat

Shaheen, Natalie NShaheen at nfb.org
Mon Jan 28 12:31:55 UTC 2013

Fellow Educators:
This week's BrlChat topic is "Stereotypic repetitive behaviors (i.e. eye poking, rocking, head swaying) breaking/preventing the habit." I hope you will bring your ideas and questions to Twitter this Thursday at 9pm eastern.

Don't forget to vote for next week's topic<http://withoutaclassroom.wordpress.com/brlchat/>. Remember If there are topics you would like to talk about during BrlChat, please send them along. We are always looking for new ideas!

To learn more about BrlChat, read archives of previous chats, or to learn more about Twitter (if you are new to the platform) please visit the BrlChat Web page<http://withoutaclassroom.wordpress.com/brlchat/>.

Note: BrlChat is an open forum, all people, ideas, and opinions are welcome. The more diverse the participants the more interesting our conversations will be. Be bold, share your thoughts, and spark conversation!

Have a great week.
Natalie Shaheen

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