[nobe-l] #BrlChat tonight 9p eastern Stereotypic Repetitive behaviors #Reminder

Shaheen, Natalie NShaheen at nfb.org
Thu Jan 31 12:31:56 UTC 2013

I was asked to send another reminder "the day of" BrlChat; so here I am with a reminder. To save your inboxes, since some people want these reminders and likely others do not (though they have not said as much), I will always put #BrlChat in the subject line. This predictability will allow you to set up a rule in your email client to send the messages to the trash can if you wish not to see them. The Thursday reminders will be very brief and only contain a subject (no email body). I've learned from my techy friends that the way a sender is to indicate the lack of an email body to a recipient is to put EOM (end of message) at the end of the subject line.

As I've said before, if this is annoying to you **PLEASE** speak up. The only comments I've heard are that this is helpful. I'm not looking to be a spammer, I'm just trying to remind people about BrlChat in the manner in which they have requested.

Happy tweeting,

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