[nobe-l] Working with nonverbal individuals as a totally blind person

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Well: you could use sign language with spelling words into a person's palm
or connecting a Braille display to a computer or their communication device
so you can read their words on their screen.  Or, draw tactile graphics.
You can also have them do something for yes, something for no, and only ask
them yes/no questions.  But obviously that is limiting.  On the other hand,
you might want a sighted interpreter especially if these people are paying
you per hour for your time.  The amount of time you would need to simply
speak to each other let alone work together might not make it worth while
for any of them to pay you per hour, Unless an agency was paying you rather
than individuals.  Having a sighted interpreter would make things just that
much more efficient and that's always appreciated.
Good luck!
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Hi there! I am interested in a job that would require me to work with
individuals who are nonverbal. I would be an assistive technology instructor
for the students, teaching them how to use augmentative communication
devices. What is that best way, for those of you who have worked with
nonverbal individuals, to assess them? I am totally blind. If anyone has any
suggestions, please let me know!

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