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Hi Lillie, and welcome to the list! I recognize your name from 
other listservs.  I'm Lucy Sirianni, a doctoral student in the 
English department at the University of California, Berkeley who 
also teaches undergraduate literature courses; I plan to be an 
English professor once I've earned my Ph.D.  I'm just finishing 
up my first year of teaching, and thus far it has been an 
immensely rewarding and incredibly enjoyable experience.  I've 
found that blindness plays quite a small role in the day-to-day 
experience of teaching, at least for me, and like Kathy and 
Sharon, I know blind people teaching in many different 
environments and excelling at their work.

There are several excellent resources that might be of use to you 
as an aspiring teacher who is blind.  For instance, you might 
want to look at  www.blindeducators.org.  This is the National 
Organization of Blind Educators' website, and offers numerous 
tips for teachers who are blind in the FAQ section.  You may also 
be interested in the book Teachers who are Blind or Visually 
Impaired by Deborah Kendrick, which profiles 18 blind teachers of 
various subjects and in various educational settings and 
discusses the techniques that are most useful to them.  The site  
www.blindteachers.net  has additional profiles of successful 
teachers who are blind, and you might be able to find still more 
teachers to connect with through signing up with  

Hope this helps, and again, welcome!


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>Hello everyone
>I am a sophomore in high school who is currently exploring career 
options.  Teaching, some part of the psychology profession, 
social work, or nursing seem like they would be good fits for me.  
I am wondering what types of teaching blind people can do? I want 
to work with sited students.  Thank you

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