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From: Susan Juarez [mailto:juarezs at elmbrookschools.org]
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 5:24 PM
To: Teachers of the visually impaired
Subject: Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) by TVIs and O&M instructors

Hello TVIs and O&M instructors from Wisconsin and beyond!

As part of the Educator Effectiveness System in Wisconsin, many TVIs and O&M instructors are having to prepare Student Learning Objectives to be used by their districts/co-ops for teacher evaluation purposes. I do believe that some districts and co-ops are excluding teachers in our field, but have no idea of the numbers included/exclude from the requirement. TeachScape is the system that is used in my district for recording data, but I believe there are other data systems being used.

I'm curious to know if teachers in our field around the U.S. are all being required to create Student Learning Objectives, and if so, how are you applying the model to our unique field?

For example and to start the conversation, I've just completed my first SLO. After much thought, I decided to focus on two Pre-Readers, utilizing the newest edition of The Oregon Project (Braille Readiness section) to determine a baseline and track progress.   I was hard-pressed to find commonality between any of my 20, or so, students.

So... If you've had to write an SLO, would you be willing to share a little, such as:  What tool you are using for data collection? Subject and target group?

or... if you've been excluded from creating an SLO, what reason were you given for the exclusion?

I'm not sure where this information will take us, but perhaps can lead to a more unified way of doing these?  Any and all input is appreciated!

Sue Juarez
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Orientation & Mobility Instructor


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