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Heather covered the resources really well so there's really not much more to 
add on that.

But as far as the gestures, the primary ones I use are swiping to the right 
with one finger to go to the next item, or to the left to get to the prior 
item. (Or you can also just move your finger around the screen and Voiceover 
will say what you are on, but swiping is a little more systematic way to 
navigate when you're learning.)
No matter which of the above methods you use, when you reach what you want 
to activate you would double tap with one finger. If it is an edit field 
double tapping with 1 finger puts you into the edit field so that you can 
type. Then the onscreen keyboard comes up at the bottom of the screen where 
you can type whatever you want. There is also a dictate button on the 
keyboard to the left of the spacebar, which lets you speak what you want to 
write instead of needing to type it out. It works really well and I use it 
all the time.
To access Siri you simply press and hold the home button until you hear a 
ding and then you speak.
When you're done speaking it will either stop recording (letting you know 
with a tone) or you can just do a 2 finger double tap to stop the recording.
This same 2 finger double tap is used to answer a phone call and to hang up 
a call.

There are a couple of other gestures that I use regularly, but they are a 
little bit more advanced and not completely necessary until you get a little 
bit comfortable with using the phone.
But in case you want to know for the future, they involve the roter. Your 
friend can show you how to use that when you're ready. (Its probably easier 
to be shown in person rather than figuring it out from written 

I hope this is helpful,

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> Hello,
>  I have just just just purchased an IPhone after a lifetime of no IPhone. 
> Right now, I’d rather throw it through the window than anything else as it 
> is all so foreign to me. Does anyone have a resource that is particularly 
> helpful for learning how to use Voiceover and Ciri in particular? Also, 
> which gestures do you tend to use over and over again? I have a blind 
> friend coming soon to help me learn this, but I’d like to feel less of an 
> incompitent slug than I do right now! Thanks for any help.
> Kathy Nimmer
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