[nobe-l] being a teacher and having to compromise on beliefs

Kayla James christgirl813 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 15:12:42 UTC 2014


my name is Kayla James. I'm 22 and think I have a call to teach. I do
not know whether to become a TVI or just a regular teacher though. I
just know that I'd like to work with kids.
As I was considering the career of TVI (Annie Sullivan and Samuel Howe
are some of my heroes in this area) a question came to my mind. TVI's
(I know from experience of being student to quite a few) work in
public and state schools. What if a student of mine (perhaps somewhere
between third and fifth grade) brings a Science test to me and needs
it transcribed. And what if it has something to do with Evolution in
Now, I am a conservative Christian and stand firmly on the grounds of
Creation. If I transcribe that test and hand it to that child, what am
I saying to that child? As much as I'd love to work with kids and
being totally blind myself, I know I'd do very well at this job, but
Jesus Christ must come first in my work.
If I become a regular school teacher I could go to a Christian school
and work and not have to worry. But I guess I am asking this to all of
the TVI's who do not mind sharing their religious convictions about
I also have a question about become a vision rehabilitation
teacher/therapist (however you phrase it). I get the joys of TVI life,
but are there VRT's that work with children? Please help.

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