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Hello Kelsey,
I believe it would be simplest if you just advertised yourself as a reading 
tutor and worked out of your own home. If your prices are reasonable and 
your references/prior experience are fair, folks will give you a try. I have 
tutored from my home for over 10 years and it's by far the easiest 
arrangement. I don't have to travel, so no messing about with finding and 
retaining and paying drivers. Furthermore, all my teaching resources, 
adapted with braille, are readily available to me, enabling me to be very 
flexible in the way I tutor various students, depending on their individual 
needs and interests.
In these days of changing employment trends, there are lots of people 
applying for positions as online tutors, so there's no shortage of 
competition for you, and the online companies are not legally obliged to 
provide you any accommodations. They usually just ignore inquiries from 
would-be tutors who need anything special because they have such a large 
pool of other applicants who don't.

It's my experience that with some local advertising, calling local schools, 
putting the word out among neighbours etc. that you should be able to get 
enough tutoring students in your local area.
Just my thoughts.
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Since I've tutored reading before, I am considering becoming a
tutor with Club Z.  I have heard they are one of the best
tutoring companies around.  However, the website states that all
tutoring is done at the student's home which would mean I would
need someone to drive me to each student's home.  There's no way
that is even practical since no one in my family would be
available for transportation.  For me to hire a driver, it would
cost me more than $60 for one week I would not be just going to
work at one location and going back home, I'd have to travel
within my county and possibly across county lines.  The price to
hire a driver would be way than I am able to pay since that would
be a good chunk of my paycheck since tutors usually only make
about $8-10 per hour.  Therefore, would it be acceptable to
contact the corporate office and explain that I am interested in
tutoring, but due to my vision impairment would not be able to
drive to each student's home and ask if they would allow me to
conduct my sessions at a local library where I can meet with
multiple students on the same day? And online tutoring is not
available either, so that's not even an option.  With wyzant, I
have a bit more flexibility and can meet students wherever is
convenient, but club Z is in-home tutoring.  But is it worth
explaining my situation to see if there's something that could be
worked out?
Thank you,
Kelsey Nicolay

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