[nobe-l] nanny or TVI

Kayla James christgirl813 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 22:42:54 UTC 2015

Yes, this is Kayla and yes, unfortunately or fortunately (however you wish
to take this) I'm back.:) With another slight problem. I am still deciding
something. I am college window shopping, you see, and I am trying to decide
whether to become a TVI or go back to my former career choice and be a

Now, this is all going to be put on pause until fall. But, I'd like to make
a plan. So, if there are any blind nannies on this page or any TVI's who
have dreamed of being nannies or anyone who has advice, please send advice.
I know that as a nanny, I'll have to find my way around the house and find
landmarks, plus transportation. I also know that if I become a TVI, if I am
not based near a stable situation near a residential school, as an itinerant
I'll have to move around as well.

If I could be a TVI and teach in the home, I'd like that. Advice is needed.
I am sorry about this, guys.



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