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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Feb 17 00:41:06 UTC 2015

>Braille Communication Instructor/ Senior Services Specialist for the Blind 1
>Location: Polk County
>Department: 131-Department for the Blind
>Salary Minimum: $44,969
>Salary Maximum: $68,949
>Job Description:
>Applicants must meet selective 926 Braille Certification
>The Department for the Blind (IDB) is seeking 
>applicants for the position of Braille 
>Communication Instructor/ Sr Services Specialist 
>for the Blind 1 in the adult comprehensive 
>Adjustment- to – Blindness Training Center. This 
>person provides small group instruction in the 
>reading and writing of Braille using the Code 
>Master teaching system. The slate and stylus, 
>Perkins Brailler, electronic notetakers, Braille 
>displays and embossing software will be taught. 
>This person will work with students in making 
>the transition to the Unified English Braille 
>Code (UEBC). We are looking for someone who will 
>participate fully in the center activities and 
>challenge students to grow and reach their 
>fullest potential. Our programs are based on a 
>appositive attitude toward blindness and a 
>belief in the normality and competency of blind 
>people. We know that with proper training and 
>opportunity, blind people can life full, happy, and successful lives.
>Duties include but are not limited to the following:
>Provide Individualized instruction to adults in 
>all areas of Braille including, but not limited 
>to: reading contracted Braille, writing with the 
>slate and stylus, using the Perkins Brailler, 
>using braille displays and notetakers, using 
>embossers and software. Teach the Unified 
>English Braille Code, computer Braille, music Braille, and the Nemeth code.
>Provide instruction to several students in a small group format.
>Provide instruction in the correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
>Demonstrate and promote a positive attitude 
>toward blindness amongst center students.
>Evaluate student progress, set goals and write 
>progress reports within the case management system.
>Participate fully in all center activities.
>Essential Functions & Critical competencies:
>Ability to read contracted Braille
>Ability to write Braille with a Braille writer, slate and stylus.
>Knowledge of assistive technologies to 
>demonstrate and teach the use of in combination 
>with Braille, including the use of electronic notetakers.
>Knowledge of computer Braille, Music Braille, and the Nemeth code.
>Ability to create assignments and develop Braille projects and curriculum.
>Ability to learn the Code Master system of teaching Braille.
>Ability to evaluate student progress and work 
>with students to develop goals and objectives.
>Ability to explain complex technical information 
>in a clear and concise manner to students with 
>varying levels of technical knowledge and a wide 
>range of educational and cultural backgrounds.
>Thorough knowledge of and ability to develop 
>alternative techniques of blindness and to 
>maintain knowledge of past and current related practices and techniques.
>Excellent judgment.
>Ability to handle stress.
>Ability to handle multiple tasks at once.
>Ability to identify and solve problems both 
>independently and as part of a team.
>Good oral and written communications skills.
>Ability to use Microsoft Windows 7 and Office Suite
>Ability to engage in limited travel.
>Ability to demonstrate a positive attitude toward blindness.
>Thorough knowledge and understanding of the 
>agency’s philosophy of blindness and the ability 
>to implement this philosophy in work duties.
>***It is the policy of the Department for the 
>Blind to conduct background checks on all 
>finalist candidates prior to any offer of employment***
>Minimum Qualifications:  Graduation from an 
>accredited college or university with a degree 
>in human service-oriented sciences, education, 
>marketing or business and experience equal to 
>three years of full time professional work.
>For Additional ways to qualify, please click on 
>to see additional ways to qualify and minimum qualifications.
>Additional Qualifications: Applicants must meet 
>selective 926 Braille Certification.
>Post close date: 02-Mar-2015
>To Apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to :
>                   Iowa Department for the Blind
>                   Attention: Shawn Mayo – Orientation Center Director
>                   524 4th Street
>                   Des Moines, IA 50309
>                   Email: 
> <mailto:shawn.mayo at blind.state.ia.us>shawn.mayo at blind.state.ia.us
>Shawn Mayo
>Orientation Center, Program Administrator
>Iowa Department for the Blind
>524 4th St.
>Des Moines, 50309
>Office: 515-281-1313
>Mobile: 515-802-8162
><mailto:Shawn.mayo at blind.state.ia.us>Shawn.mayo at blind.state.ia.us

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