[nobe-l] Fwd: [Dtb-talk] Proposal for Braille representation of emoticons released by CBTBC

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Feb 19 02:02:40 UTC 2015

>The Commonwealth Braille & Talking Book Cooperative is pleased to 
>offer a proposal for the representation of emoticons in Braille. 
>This proposal offer a standard method of representing the emoticons 
>by applying the Unicode names and, if available, entity names for 
>the Unicode defined emoticons.
>Complete information on this proposal can be found at 
>We invite public comments and improvements to this proposal and 
>offer it to the various Braille authorities for their consideration.
>About the Commonwealth Braille & Talking Book Cooperative
>The Commonwealth Braille & Talking Book Cooperative is a cooperative 
>of various agencies, schools and interested parties that produce, 
>consume or are interested in Braille and alternative format materials.
>Membership in the Cooperative is free and is open to any library, 
>agency, school or other entity serving the blind, vision impaired or 
>print disabled (dyslexia, etc.) operating with in the Commonwealth 
>or such organisations from any British overseas territories, 
>mandates or former mandates and Crown Dependencies or in nations or 
>states with an historic, cultural or linguistic tie to the Commonwealth.
>Commonwealth Braille & Talking Book Cooperative
>Greg Kearney, General Manager
>#320, 185-911 Yates Street
>Victoria, BC V8V 4Y9
>Email: info at cbtbc.org
>+1 408-780-6535

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