[nobe-l] CESA 3 Now Hiring TVIs and O&M Specialists in Wisconsin

Hyde, David W. (ESC) david.hyde at wcbvi.k12.wi.us
Wed Jun 10 13:05:48 UTC 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope this summer is beginning wonderfully for you all. I would like to pass along this job posting for a TVI and O&M Specialist:

CESA 3 is seeking a teacher for Visually Impaired students.

This teacher will be responsible for evaluations of vision impairment; development and

delivery of programming and instruction for vision impaired students in various

districts; and transition instruction for vision impaired students in various districts.

Candidates must have good communication skills and be able to establish and maintain positive

working relationships with students, parents and staff.

The successful candidate will possess knowledge and experience in: assessment for Visually

Impaired eligibility; program development for vision impaired students at various levels; use of

assistive technology; transition/vocational skill development for vision impaired students;

ability to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary setting; understanding of the

IEP team process; and knowledge of current best practices in the education and inclusion of

students with vision needs.

CESA 3 is seeking a full-time Orientation and Mobility Specialist to provide itinerant services

to identified students in Southwestern Wisconsin.  The Orientation and Mobility Specialist will

work with students, school personnel and parents to develop students' skills in safe and

efficient travel across environments.  This position is responsible for student evaluation,

development and implementation of programming.

The successful candidate will have demonstrated skills in effective communication with students

of all ages, parents, teachers, and colleagues; meticulous record-keeping; respect for

confidentiality; and excellent time management.

Job responsibilities include:

*             Maintain updated student files according to district, agency, and state policies

including current ocular reports, most recent evaluations, and current IEP

*             Provide support with student evaluations in compliance with DPI regulations regarding

students with visual impairments

*             Assist districts in developing and delivering age- and developmentally-appropriate

*             Effectively manage the needs of a diverse and widespread caseload

*             Communicate and collaborate with district and agency staff to improve instruction and

achievement for participating students

Certification as Orientation and Mobility Specialist (826) is required.  Additional

certification in Visual Impairment (825) is desirable as well.

This position involves travel between school districts, therefore a valid driver's license is

also required.  An Agency vehicle may be provided, depending on the amount of travel.

Please submit a letter of interest, resume, transcripts, and letters of recommendation to:

Joseph Price


1300 Industrial Drive

Fennimore, WI  53809


 Cortney Jerrard
Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired
(847) 942-9812



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