[nobe-l] online tutoring

Kelsey Nicolay kelseynicolay1989 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 01:03:25 UTC 2015

I am a registered tutor on wyzant.  They recently added an online 
tutoring service.  I went through the approval process and was 
approved.  However, in the past, online tutoring platforms have 
not been very accessible with JAWS.  They use a whiteboard, 
streaming audio and video, and a chat box.  It is not skype or a 
similar service.  This is their own platform.  I am concerned 
about the accessibility of the platform.  The students would be 
paying me an hourly rate to tutor them and I do not want parents 
to waste money if I cannot conduct the lesson because of 
inaccessible platform.  The wyzant staff has not been very 
accommodating for their visual subject exams for tutors, so I 
don't think they would help me if their platform is not screen 
reader friendly.  Therefore, I was wondering if it is possible 
for a JAWS user to use an online whiteboard, collaborate on a 
document, write math equations, etc? If so, what are some 
techniques I can use to make these tools work with JAWS? If the 
platform is not accessible, does wyzant have to legally provide 
an accommodation for me since I am working as an independent 
contractor? Has anyone had experience with tutoring online using 
these types of systems? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Kelsey Nicolay

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