[nobe-l] Keyboard command lessons for the week

Dr. Denise M Robinson deniserob at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 19:55:59 UTC 2015

Requests come from all lists so I apologize for any double posts--enjoy

Five pages of keyboard shortcuts to help you move fast: Outlook 2010-2013
Keyboard Shortcut Keys

100 Windows 8 keyboard commands
<http://www.yourtechvision.com/products/windows-8-keyboard-commands> to
speed you up

Just beginning the process of teaching braille to a young one---put it to
music with

Braille Rap Song <http://www.yourtechvision.com/products/braille-rap-song>


Braille Rap Song Lyrics

If you are trying to learn Skype with JAWS—this will make you a
professional with practice at the keystrokes

Skype texting and making a Video Call—with additional JAWS scripts

If you need more low vision tricks—this will get you where you want to go:

Low Vision Tricks-Windows 7-8 Office 2010-Office 2013

For those writing papers—audio/visual on youtube: Creating a Bibliography
in Word, using auto format options- APA, MLA and more with talking software

Text version for: Works Cited Page in Word for MLA or Modern Language

If you are looking to text better: The List of Chat Acronyms & Text Message

And if you need a whole lot in formatting in Word with Jaws: Everything to
get you going in WORD Office 2010-13 and Windows 7-8 with JAWS

Excel is excellent for all things math—start here with: Excel-Create add,
subtract, multiply, divide sheets that auto sum, rename and add
sheets-audio.visual lesson

Not to forget the Mac People:

Navigating a Mac—Move around the desktop
with Voice Over

Mac and Gmail on the Web

Air display-ipad, braille display, external keyboard attach to teacher's
computer for blind/low vision students

*Dr Denise*

Denise M. Robinson, TVI, Ph.D.
CEO, TechVision, LLC
Specialist in Technology/Training/Teaching for blind/low vision/virtual
instruction for schools
Also Private training to your needs

Website with hundreds of informational articles & lessons on PC, Office
products, Mac, iPad/iTools and more, all done with
keystrokes: www.yourtechvision.com

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