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Kayla James christgirl813 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 02:32:41 UTC 2015

Hello, Nobe-L. Still at a crossroads. I have definitely decided on
something to do with education and/or child development. I am
considering early childhood teacher from birth to grade 3 as well now.
I would consider daycare again but I do not know how well I will be
able to support myself on that kind of salary. I know, I keep bugging
you guys and I'm sorry, but I still would like more advice on how to
do this stuff. Advice from blind people who are in any type of
childcare or education. It is just interesting to me. I go to a
disabilities counselor on Tuesday at my college to decide on a major
for January. I'm sorry to bug you guys, but I would just like to know
some things. I guess I need a mentor, so that's why I come here. Can
anyone help?

On 9/27/15, Kayla James <christgirl813 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have questions. Do you teach different age groups? Is it hard? Do you
> really need an assistant?
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> On Sep 27, 2015, at 7:19 AM, Ashley Spurgeon via nobe-l <nobe-l at nfbnet.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi:
>> Try and find the daycare licensing manual for the state you live in.
>> It will tel you the requirements for a home daycare.  Similarly, in
>> most manuals, it says that you have to be able to "see children at all
>> times" I personally think they didn't think of blind people when they
>> wrote the manual and that is just poor word, but most manuals say that
>> somewhere that seeing is a requirement.  I have ran into this problem
>> myself, so if anyone has any thoughts on that , let me know.  I do
>> work at a Head start center, but I am the third teacher in the room,
>> which means there are two sighted teachers.  They wanted to make me a
>> lead teacher, with me and another assistant, but with the wording
>> about seeing, well, I think they were scared to, at least until they
>> seen how I can work.    If you run your own darcare you will usually
>> get paid more than if you work in a center, it just depends on
>> Illonois rate of pay.  if you have any questions about working in a
>> classroom let me know.  I have been in one for two years, and I
>> interned in one for two years before that.
>> Sincerely,
>> Ashley
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>>> I triedd to send a message before, but my sent mail doesn't show it,
>>> so I'm here to try again. And before any of you comment, this is Kayla
>>> James and yes, the nanny dream is still slightly alive since I found
>>> out about special needs nannies, but it has also been expanded. If
>>> there are any blind daycare workers/teachers, home daycare providers,
>>> and/or preschool and other early childhood teachers, please contact me
>>> on or off list. I want to know all about it. Like, do you really need
>>> an assistant to help you or can you teach a class by yourself? And how
>>> much is the pay? I know, you do not go into childcare for the money,
>>> believe me, I get it, but for any of you who live in Illinois, it
>>> would still be much appreciated. So please tell me all about
>>> everything. I need a mentor, please. Kayla
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