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Think about what you are good and passionate about.
I'm struggling to find even a part time job and am considering being in 
after school programs or preschool aid too.
You're right about day cares generally not paying enough. Day care workers 
are part time with no benefits and you cannot live off that. it’s a nice way 
to get started and have a first job, but not to live on. The day care 
workers I know are either in college themselves or recent grads.

If you want to work in early childhood education, you can teach but you can 
also help in after school programs or other child care capacities. you could 
also run a day care from your home.

Personally, if you feel you need a fairly stable career with a good salary 
and benefits, I recommend being a teacher. Teachers for public schools are 
paid well. For instance Arlington county public schools in VA pay about 70 
thousand for teachers. Yes, even if you teach first grade, you can make that 

One concern I have working with small kids of first grade or kindergarten 
age is the visual activities like their arts and crafts; they learn a lot by 
drawing, coloring pictures, and visual crafts. I'm not sure how a blind 
teacher or even being an assistant can monitor this. But other than that, I 
think we could make good early childhood educators.

Good luck with deciding!
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Hello, Nobe-L. Still at a crossroads. I have definitely decided on
something to do with education and/or child development. I am
considering early childhood teacher from birth to grade 3 as well now.
I would consider daycare again but I do not know how well I will be
able to support myself on that kind of salary. I know, I keep bugging
you guys and I'm sorry, but I still would like more advice on how to
do this stuff. Advice from blind people who are in any type of
childcare or education. It is just interesting to me. I go to a
disabilities counselor on Tuesday at my college to decide on a major
for January. I'm sorry to bug you guys, but I would just like to know
some things. I guess I need a mentor, so that's why I come here. Can
anyone help?

On 9/27/15, Kayla James <christgirl813 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have questions. Do you teach different age groups? Is it hard? Do you
> really need an assistant?
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>> Hi:
>> Try and find the daycare licensing manual for the state you live in.
>> It will tel you the requirements for a home daycare.  Similarly, in
>> most manuals, it says that you have to be able to "see children at all
>> times" I personally think they didn't think of blind people when they
>> wrote the manual and that is just poor word, but most manuals say that
>> somewhere that seeing is a requirement.  I have ran into this problem
>> myself, so if anyone has any thoughts on that , let me know.  I do
>> work at a Head start center, but I am the third teacher in the room,
>> which means there are two sighted teachers.  They wanted to make me a
>> lead teacher, with me and another assistant, but with the wording
>> about seeing, well, I think they were scared to, at least until they
>> seen how I can work.    If you run your own darcare you will usually
>> get paid more than if you work in a center, it just depends on
>> Illonois rate of pay.  if you have any questions about working in a
>> classroom let me know.  I have been in one for two years, and I
>> interned in one for two years before that.
>> Sincerely,
>> Ashley
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>>> I triedd to send a message before, but my sent mail doesn't show it,
>>> so I'm here to try again. And before any of you comment, this is Kayla
>>> James and yes, the nanny dream is still slightly alive since I found
>>> out about special needs nannies, but it has also been expanded. If
>>> there are any blind daycare workers/teachers, home daycare providers,
>>> and/or preschool and other early childhood teachers, please contact me
>>> on or off list. I want to know all about it. Like, do you really need
>>> an assistant to help you or can you teach a class by yourself? And how
>>> much is the pay? I know, you do not go into childcare for the money,
>>> believe me, I get it, but for any of you who live in Illinois, it
>>> would still be much appreciated. So please tell me all about
>>> everything. I need a mentor, please. Kayla
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