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Mon Jan 25 20:50:02 UTC 2016

Dr. Suneeta Kercood, of Butler University, in collaboration with Dr.
Edward Bell, of the Professional Development and Research Institute on
Blindness, are conducting a research project on Health and Physical
activity of Individuals with Visual Impairments.
 The purpose of this research is to help medical and education
professionals understand how to best address the health needs of
people with visual impairments and to provide positive examples to
others with visual challenges.
 This survey asks questions to understand the following items.
 • What is easy and difficult for you in having a healthy lifestyle
including physical and other health-related activities.
 • The kinds of foods you eat and exercise you do and participate in.
 • Experiences with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals
 • How you perceive yourself, your health, and all your achievements.
 Please use the following link to access the survey.
 For your participation, you may choose to enter a raffle for a chance
to win a $25 gift card.
 If you choose to participate in the research, your responses to the
questions in this survey, and any future studies related to this
project, will be kept confidential. All responses are reported in
aggregate. Your name will not be associated with your responses or
 Please feel free to pass this survey link to others who might like to
share their opinions.
 Please feel free to contact Dr. Kercood if you have any questions
about this project.
 The research team sincerely appreciates your participation.
 Dr. Suneeta Kercood
 skercood at butler.edu
 Butler University,
 4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
 Edward C. Bell, Ph.D., CRC, NOMC
 Director, Professional Development and Research
 Institute on Blindness
 Louisiana Tech University
 210 Woodard Hall
 PO Box 3158
 Ruston LA 71272
 Office: 318.257.4554                      Fax: 318.257.2259 (Fax)
           Skype: edwardbell2010
 ebell at latech.edu            www.pdrib.com

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