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The following are openings for TVI's and O&M's in Wisconsin.

Vision Forward - TVI


Position:  Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Classroom/Itinerant

Start Date:  ASAP
Hours: Full-Time
Pay Range: Commensurate w/Experience

Job Summary:  Under the direction of and reporting to the Early Education Manager, the Teacher of the Visually Impaired is responsible for organizing and implementing appropriate instructional activities to enhance the development and use of a child's vision and compensatory strategies so they may achieve their maximum potential.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
1.    Ensures appropriate overall curriculum and classroom environment is in alignment with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and Expanded Core Curriculum.
2.    Creates and Implements weekly classroom group lesson plans in the following domains: Health and Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Approaches to Learning and Cognition and General Knowledge with emphasis on The Expanded Core Curriculum.
3.    Identify and establish plan for each child's emerging literacy needs, including Pre-Braille, Braille or large print and/or the use of equipment such as magnifiers, lighting, filters, etc.
4.    Develops an individualized educational plan or individualized family educational plan for every child in conjunction with parents and child's team that includes measurable goals. Monitors and documents child's progress with regard to established vision goals, overall developmental objectives and parental input.
5.    Conducts visits in the child's natural environment in accordance to center policy and performance standards.
6.    Formulates monthly anecdotal notes for each child that documents the child's progress towards their individual goals and objectives that are measureable, including parental coaching in the electronic medical records system.
7.    Conducts and document semi-annual parent-teacher conferences that include parents in the development and creation of educational goals and objectives for their child.
8.    Maintains a portfolio for each child in the center that includes work samples, pictures and documentation of the developmental progress of the overall child.
9.    Conducts initial evaluations in accordance with performance indicators, center policies or collaborating agencies for each child referred to Children Services in their natural environment or at the center. The evaluation conducted will assess the child's current level of functional vision and the impact it has on the following domains: Health and Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Approaches to Learning and Cognition and General Knowledge with emphasis on The Expanded Core Curriculum.
10.    Conducts semi-annual developmental assessment on each child in the following areas of development: Health and Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Approaches to Learning and Cognition and General Knowledge with emphasis on The Expanded Core Curriculum.
11.    Identifies appropriate toys, arts and crafts supplies, equipment and other materials in the classroom and in their natural environment that can be used with the child to ensure the child's vision needs are met and coach families in providing appropriate activities and or materials for their child in their homes.
12.    Upon transition out of the program or upon request, create a comprehensive discharge summary that covers the child's current educational goals, functional vision and progress that aligns with each of the developmental domains and Expanded Core Curriculum.
13.    Provides individual and group activities for children to enhance visual skills in the classroom and their natural environment.
14.    Participates in family meetings to discuss goals and progress.
15.    Consults with members of multi-disciplinary teams to incorporate vision strategies and goals into the child's plan, to ensure the development of the whole child.
16.    Introduces pre-braille skills and begins to teach braille when the child is ready.
17.    Obtains resources and collaborates with teachers (vision, special education and regular education) from the local school districts to ensure that each child has the skills needed for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten success.
18.    Teaches students techniques that enable them to move about the environment independently in collaboration with Orientation and Mobility Instructor.
19.    Provides evaluation and consultation services to partner organizations that have identified children with visual impairments.
20.    Develops and maintains professional relationship with pediatric eye care physicians in the region.
21.    Maintains ongoing contact with ophthalmologists and pediatricians concerning a child's progress through quarterly progress summaries.
22.    Contributes to the functioning of the organization by attending staff meetings, participating in discussions and accepting committee assignments to complete various tasks related to Children Services operations and procedures.
23.    Remains current on new techniques and practices, keeps program staff informed of changes to practices or techniques in the vision field. Attends in-service trainings, professional workshops, conferences and seminars to continually enhance professional skills and knowledge.
24.    Complies with federal HIPAA regulations and policies for the privacy and security of client information; explains the law and Vision Forward's privacy policy to clients as needed.
25.    Perform other duties as assigned.

We offer:

*    A supportive team environment
*    Family friendly atmosphere
*    Flexible schedule
*    Competitive salary
*    Comprehensive benefits (health, dental, vision)
*    401k matching
*    Term Life Insurance
*    Short and Long-Term Disability
*    Continuing education reimbursements
*    The opportunity to have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of people dealing with vision loss


1.    Requires a Bachelor's degree in Education from a four year college or university, with specialization as a teacher of the visually impaired. Specialization in Orientation and Mobility is a plus.
2.    Maintains current DPI certification.
3.    A valid Wisconsin Driver's License and use of personal automobile is required.
4.    Ability to write and read reports.
5.    Ability to effectively communicate with children, parents, professionals and other employees of Vision Forward.
6.    Experience in cross-cultural environments.
7.    Good computer skills and competent in Microsoft Office, Word, Outlook, and Excel. Ability to use an electronic medical record system.
8.    Must always represent Vision Forward Association in a professional, respectful and courteous manner.
9.    Must be in compliance with the Confidentiality Policy at all times.
10.    Willing to support Vision Forward's mission.

Send resume and cover letter to:
Vision Forward Association
Attn: Human Resources Director
912 N. Hawley Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53213
E-mail: jcline at vision-forward.org<mailto:jcline at vision-forward.org>
FAX : 414-256-8744
Website: www.vision-forward.org<http://www.vision-forward.org/>

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Delavan-Darien School District
Teaching Position
Posting Date: January 7, 2016
Position: Vision Teacher
School: District
Starting Date: August 2016
Completed application materials MUST include the following:
1. Letter of application,
2. Application for Employment
3. Transcript(s)
4. Credentials (including references)

and are due by: January 22, 2016 or until filled
Send application materials to: Mrs. Sheryl Anderson at 324 Beloit St., Delavan, WI 53115 or by email to sanderson at ddschools.org OR Submit your application materials using the WECAN system at the following web address: http://services.education.wisc.edu/wecan. (Review of materials and/or interviews may begin upon receipt of COMPLETE application packets.)

Job Description: The Delavan Darien School District is hiring a permanent, full time Vision Teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. Half of the position involves working with one elementary student in the regular education classroom setting while teaching the grade level academic curriculum via braille. The vision teacher will work collaboratively with the regular education teachers, special education teachers, support staff, and families. Other duties include conducting functional vision evaluations, making recommendations regarding accessibility of education environment, adapting and or modifying instructional materials, and providing low vision aids. Must be proficient in reading and writing in braille. The individual must have excellent evaluation skills, IEP reporting skills, communication skills and be an effective team member. Must possess impeccable morals/ethics, exhibit courtesy and respect for everyone. Teamwork, humor and great interpersonal relation skills are essential. Experience in a school setting is preferred. Ideally, the candidate would be able to work with the current Vision teacher during the months of May, June and during an ESY.
REQUIREMENTS: - Current Wisconsin DPI Vision teacher license (1825) or the ability to obtain one
- Pediatric or school-based therapy experience
- Proficiency in reading and writing Braille
- Ability to be flexible and accommodating to changing school and student needs Spanish speaking skills are a plus.
The Delavan-Darien School District does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, religion, sex or handicap.

Milwaukee Public Schools - TVI

To teach and support the expanded core curriculum for student with visual impairments.

*           Compensatory or functional skills including communication modes

*           Orientation and mobility

*           Social interact skills

*           Independent living skills

*           Recreation and leisure skills

*           Career education

*           Technology

*           Sensory efficiency skills

*           Self-determination.

To support students with visual impairment in the general and or special education curriculum.

*           Conduct functional vision evaluations

*           Consult with regular education and special education teachers

*           Make recommendations regarding accessibility of education environment

*           Adapt and or modify instructional materials and visual presentations

*           Provide instruction and assessment materials in accessible format

*           Provide low vision aids

*           Share in the development and implementation of the IEP

*           Consult with classroom teachers, other service providers, and parents regarding

educational information.

Education Requirements (Include certificates, licenses, and/or registrations required.)

The position requires a current five-year or lifetime license in Visual Impairments (DPI

license 1825)

Experience Requirements

The position requires at least three years of fully-licensed teaching experience in the area of visual impairments.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

To assist the special education and regular education teaching staff in the evaluation and instructional planning for children with suspected and identified special education needs.

To assist special education and regular education teachers in providing quality and comprehensive programming for children with special education needs including but not limited to:

-Consultation and support to staff in the areas of identifying and understanding students with disabilities;

                        -Consultation and support to staff in the area of inclusive practices; and

                        -Dissemination and explanation of professional information to school staff.

To assist special and regular education teachers in the effective use of assessment data to ensure the academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional growth of students.

To participate in the development and enhancement of a district wide culture that promotes professional growth and student learning.

To interpret specific eye conditions and the results of functional vision assessments.

To assist regular education teachers in the understanding the needs and learning

characteristics of students with visual impairments.

To assist in making environmental adjustments in the school.


Yovira M. Moroney, Talent Management Coordinator
Milwaukee Public Schools
P. O. Box 2181
Milwaukee, WI 53208


moroneym at milwaukee.k12.wi.us


Long-term Substitute TVI - CESA 8

CESA 8 is seeking a Long Term Substitute Visually Impaired teacher, for several districts within
the CESA 8 region, due to FMLA.  The position will start approximately the end of Feb. to mid-
March and run thru June 2016.

Candidate must possess or be eligible to possess a Wisconsin DPI License:
Visual Impairment (EC-A) License. (#1825)
Knowledge of visually impairment services as it relates to working in the school
setting. After school hours may be necessary due to IEP or staff meetings.

Applicants should submit a letter of interest, resume, college transcripts, a copy of
your current license and completed job application:  http://www.cesa8.k12.wi.us/info/jobs.pdf
to:  David A. Kwiatkowski, Executive Director of Special Education, CESA 8,
       223 W. Park Street, Gillett, WI  54124

Sue Schuettpelz, Special Education Assistant
223 W. Park Street
Gillett, WI 54124


susans at cesa8.org


Kenosha Unified School District- TVI

PRIMARY FUNCTION:Teachers of the Visually Impaired work with students who meet the Wisconsin Eligibility Criteria for visual impairment. They will work collaboratively with classroom
teachers to incorporate research-based instructional practices that improve student achievement.
1.Education: Bachelor's Degree or Higher
2.Wisconsin Educator License #825
1.Solid understanding of a variety of instructional strategies that encourage critical thinking,
problem solving, and performance skills
2.Knowledge in the field of teaching students with visual impairments.
*Collaborate with teachers providing professional development on visual impairments
*Conduct vision-related assessments and evaluations, including initial assessments and re-
*Provide written reports that document assessment outcomes and identify needs. Set goals and
objectives, and recommend the amount and level of service needed for student to achieve
Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals.
*Evaluate to determine eligibility for vision services, according to DPI Wisconsin Eligibility
*Conduct Functional Visions Assessment.
*Conduct Learning Media Assessment.
*Assess applicable areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.
*Preview and/or proctor standardized assessments.
*Assist/interpret with other school-based assessments.
*Procure specially formatted (electronic, Braille, large print, audio) instruction and
assessment materials.
*Provide vision-related instruction and services required to meet the individualized educational
needs of students in all school and other appropriate environments.
*Consult regularly with the classroom teacher, other regular and special education personnel,
parents, and others to coordinate programs and services for students.
*Communicate (including discussion of individual role clarification/expectations) with classroom
teachers in the identification of instructional areas in which the student requires assistance.
*Provide in-service training for school personnel regarding the individual needs of students who
have visual impairments, and the need for adaptations, and services.
*Ensure that accessible materials, adaptation, modifications, and equipment needed by the
students, and the classroom teacher, are provided in a timely manner to ensure the student's
maximum participation in all classroom activities.
*Collaborate with other personnel such as transcribers, readers, counselors, O&M specialists,
career/vocational education staff, and rehabilitation counselors.
*Assist the site administrator and school staff in making environmental adjustments for the
student in the school.
*Assist the classroom teacher in academic subjects and activities of the classroom that, as a
direct result of the student's visual impairment, require adaptation or pre-teaching for the
*Maintain awareness of current professional materials and resources such as online resources,
libraries, universities etc.
*Collect and maintain student achievement data requested by supervisor
*Complete other duties as assigned
Interpersonal: Strong interpersonal skills including: problem-solving and investigative skills;
effective and efficient time/task management skills; effective communication skills including
the ability to run effective meetings and to facilitate collaboration and communication among
groups, reliable and resourceful with a solid work ethic; sensitivity to cultural diversity and
acceptance of all students.
Instructional: Ability to apply knowledge in order to facilitate and communicate effective
differentiated classroom practices, educational pedagogy as appropriate to general education,
ESL, and special education, conduct and understand research-based practices, knowledge of
instructional technology, analyze and interpret data for future professional learning
Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.
The Kenosha Unified School District is an Equal Opportunity Educator/Employer with established policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of age, race, creed, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability or handicap, sexual orientation, or political affiliation in an
education program, activity or employment in the district. The Superintendent of
Schools/designee (262-359-6320) addresses questions regarding student discrimination, and the Chief Human Resources Officer (262-359-6333)answers questions concerning staff discrimination.
CONTACT:   Human Resources,
                     Human Resources Department
                     Kenosha Unified School District
                     3600 52nd St
                     Kenosha, WI 53144
                     personnel at kusd.edu

Teacher for the Visually Impaired - CESA 12

Ashland, WI

Job Description:  Itinerant teacher for Teacher for Vision Impaired for CESA #12.  Responsible for evaluations of vision impairment eligibility and programming needs; programming and instruction for vision impaired students in various districts.

Qualifications:  Certified by the Department of Public Instruction - License #825, or willing to become emergency certified.   Candidates must have good communication skills and be able to establish and maintain positive working relationships with students, parents and staff.  The successful candidate will possess knowledge and experience in:  assessment for VI eligibility and orientation and mobility needs; program development for VI students at various levels; use of Braille, low vision devices, and adaptive devices; transition/vocational skill development for VI students; ability to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary setting; understanding of the IEP team process,; and knowledge of current best practices in the education and inclusion of students with VI needs.

Licenses:  1. Visual Impairments (1825)

Requirements:  Degree: Bachelors       Experience: 0 Years

Salary:  Negotiable

Begin Date: August 2015

Apply By: Until Filled

Date Entered: 02-11-2015

Contact:  Janet Shefchik, Program Assistant

                CESA 12

                618 Beaser Ave.

                Ashland, WI 54806


               janets at cesa12.org

               http://www.cesa12.org  (new window)

Orientation and Mobility Specialist  CESA 6

Description: CESA 6 is seeking to employ a full-time Orientation and Mobility Specialist.  The individual hired will provide itinerant orientation and mobility services to identified students within the CESA 6 region.  The Orientation and Mobility Specialist will work with students, school personnel and parents to develop students' skills in safe and efficient travel across environments.  This position is responsible for student evaluation, developing programming and implementing programming.

Other essential skills include effectively communicating with children of all ages as well as with adults, ability to maintain records, ability to manage time and schedule accurately, and ability to maintain student confidentiality.  This position allows for collaboration with other Orientation and Mobility Specialists working in schools for support and professional development opportunities.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certification as Orientation and Mobility Specialist - code: 826, or eligibility to obtain this license, is required.  Additional certification in Visual Impairment - code: 825, is preferred, but not required for this position.  This position is itinerant, so the individual hired must have their own transportation, a valid driver's license and be able to drive between school districts.  Further, must be able and willing to transport students using own vehicle as necessary for the position.

Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest, resume, CESA 6 Employment

Application, and letters of recommendation to:

Becky Neubauer - Human Resources Director


2935 Universal Court

Oshkosh, WI  54904

(920) 236-0569

Email: bneubauer at cesa6.org

CESA 6 Employment Applications are available through the CESA 6 website at www.cesa6.org<http://www.cesa6.org>.  See Employment.

Application Deadline: Until filled

Licenses: 1. Orientation & Mobility

Requirements:  Degree: Bachelors       Experience: 2 Years

Begin Date: February 2015

Apply By: Until Filled

Date Entered: 01-07-2015

Contact:  Becky Neubauer, Human Resources Director

               CESA 6

               2935 Universal Court

              Oshkosh, WI 54904


              bneubauer at cesa6.org

              http://www.cesa6.org  (new window)

Teacher for the Visually Impaired -  Beaver Dam Unified School District

Description: We are looking for a candidate that can meet and exceed the high standards of working in a progressive district that is the home to four Wisconsin Promise Schools of Recognition and two Federal Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence.

The Beaver Dam Unified School District is located in Dodge County, 40 minutes from Madison and serves approximately 3500 students.  We are a financially stable district with slightly increasing student enrollment.  Our staff is progressive and focused on ensuring that every student is college and career ready.  Our mission is to guide students and empower futures.  Our vision is to lead the way in student growth and achievement.

Excellent benefit package included.

Licenses: 1. Visual Impairments (1825)

Requirements:  Degree: Bachelors       Experience: 0 Years

Begin Date:  September 2014

Apply By:  Until Filled

Date Entered:  08-19-2014

Contact:  Sharon Bliefernicht, Director of Human Resources

                 Beaver Dam Unified School District

                 705 McKinley Street

                 Beaver Dam, WI 53916


                 bliefernichts at bdusd.org

                 http://www.beaverdam.k12.wi.us  (new window)

David Hyde, Professional Development Coordinator
Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1700 W. State Street
Janesville WI  53546
608-758-6152 (office)
608-758-6169 (fax)
866-284-1107 ext. 34 (toll free)
david.hyde at wcbvi.k12.wi.us<mailto:david.hyde at wcbvi.k12.wi.us>

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