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Starting the application process should probably be done as early as possible. In many school systems you have to complete a general application along with general and more specific qualifying tasks. For example, if the system requires the completion of tests, take those as soon as possible so that if you need to retake all or a portion of a test you have plenty of time in which to do so. Complete the general application for any school systems (within cities counties etc.). Then as soon as you have completed your internship, upload letters of recommendation and your resume including your student teaching. Beginning the process in advance also affords you the time to make phone calls to further understand any small parts of the process. Naturally, you will eventually need to be drug tested and fingerprinted. Generally these processes are not done until you are actually offered a job. 

If you are applying at private schools, contact the schools directly to find out about their application process. 

Best of luck to you!

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> Hello all,
> I was wondering when you would recommend to start looking for my first teaching position. I student teach this spring, but I would like to start looking for jobs as early as appropriate, because I know obtaining employment can be difficult for those who are blind. I have seen a few jobs online that look interesting, but I am pretty sure these jobs are for the spring semester. Would applying over winter break be too soon? Should I have a certain number of weeks of my student teaching completed first?
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