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Hi Adrijana,
When a student displays some type of behavior, such as this, there is always something they get out of it.  Have you asked him why he does it?  Just wondering if he could provide any insight.   It very well could be a sensory issue or it could have to do with other things like attention seeking behavior.  In order to get rid of the behavior, you have to replace the behavior with an alternative behavior.  For example, you could give him a stress ball to manipulate or I have seen where people have put different types of fabrics or materials and adhered them to the underside of the desk for the student to feel and stimulate their hands without much attention or noise drawn.  You can also do a functional behavior assessment (FBA) which can tell you information about what might cause or trigger him to do it (there might be certain antecedents to the behavior...or there may be things that you do in reaction to the behavior that reinforce it (even if that is not your intent).  
Just some thoughts to consider.
Best of luck!

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Hi all,

This year I got a new student that is in the second grade and that has
some sight and no other disabilities. He constantly rubs his hands
against the desk, especially if I am not standing in front of him or
keeping his hands busy and this becomes very disruptive for the whole
cclass. I constantly have to discourage him from doing this, which
takes a lot of time from my class and we haven't been able to find a
solution to this. I was wondering if anyone here experienced something
of this sort with students?

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