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Tue Sep 13 02:31:48 UTC 2016

>From: "Anne Ronco" <anne at duxsys.com>
>To: "Anne Ronco" <anne at duxsys.com>
>Subject: [duxnews] Announcing DBT 12.1 sr1
>Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2016 15:16:16 -0400
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>We have just recently released a service release for DBT 12.1.
>Here are the primary improvements:
>     * In all UEB templates as well as those 
> derived from UEB, the computer braille styles 
> are updated to render accurate word breaking. 
> Only those templates specifically for older 
> (pre-UEB) documents still enforce the Pre-UEB word breaking rules.
>     * The four DBT BANA templates (both UEB and 
> Pre-UEB) are once again updated to the most 
> recent versions. This corrects some formatting 
> errors in the 12.1 BANA templates and includes 
> BB-BoxBegin and H1-HeadingCentered.
>     * In the English/American (pre-UEB) 
> print-to-braille tables, the output of underline symbols is restored.
>     * In the English/Unified (UEB) 
> print-to-braille table certain contractions 
> that follow an apostrophe have been improved.
>     * The Afrikaans print-to-braille table and 
> Sotho print-to-braille table have been updated 
> with contraction changes received recently from South Africa.
>     * Refinements in the Welsh print-to-braille 
> table restrict shortform usage within large 
> words to the officially approved list and 
> ensure that strings of letters that could be 
> read as extended shortforms are appropriately 
> marked with grade 1 indicators. Other 
> improvements include automated generation of 
> hyphenation points within long technical expressions such as URLs.
>     * For Myanmar text, DBT now handles some 
> additional, critical Burmese characters for 
> translating Burmese text to braille.
>This service release also features the following JAWS script improvements:
>     * The script files for DBT 12.1 changed the 
> technique for SayWord to insure the whole word 
> was gathered and spoken. This change 
> compromised making a selection. The latest 
> script insures that if a selection is in 
> progress, all the words in the selection are retained.
>     * When using a braille display with JAWS 
> 17, the script files manage the JAWS braille 
> translation settings better (turning off input
>translation) to ensure that output translation 
>is off when you are viewing a braille document.
>     * The save and restore of a Speech Profile is now limited to JAWS
>version17 and higher to prevent "unknown 
>function" errors in earlier versions of JAWS.
>     * Repetitious announcements of "computer 
> braille" when the window focus is shifted are now suppressed.
>Those who are currently licensed for DBT 12.1 
>should be able to go to Help/Check for Updates to download DBT 12.1 sr1.
>Those who are running an older version can go to 
>Help/Check for Updates to check their eligibility for DBT 12.1 sr1.
>If you have any questions please write to info at duxsys.com.
>Anne Ronco
>Email: <mailto:info at duxsys.com>info at duxsys.com
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