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Hi Tara,

I am so happy to hear from you again. I struggled with the same sorts of things when I first started teaching, especially with younger students. Something I found that worked really well, and I still use the system actually is to create individual folders for each student, including each subject. For instants, a folder for math, a folder for science, a folder for literacy, etc. this way, students know to complete and put away their work in a designated place. You could even tell students that folders go home over the weekend, giving them time to finish unfinished work throughout the week. This is also a way to not have to do all your grading in one shot. You may choose to take several folders home a couple days of the week versus all of them.

As far as actually grading assignments, depending on the nature of the assignment, including hand written work, you may need to sit with a reader to do this. The folder system helps out a lot with that because you'll know exactly what student you are referring to. You can even put braille labels on any designated folders or assignments. This takes out the having to hand anything back because the students will know that the grated work is in their folder. The last thing I recommend that you do is to begin stacking paper, because it is a night mare to sift through later. Avoid that at all costs if you can. A major plus of the folder system is that on parent teacher night, everything  is in one place for the parents to see. No questions about it.

Hope this helps,


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> Hello all,
> On Monday, I am so excited to begin my student teaching experience with 44 fantastic first graders. I was wondering how other teachers who are blind manage large quantities of print papers. What is your organizational system for turning in assignments, as well as being able to hand the papers back when you can't read the names? I thought about having an expanding folder including a tab for each subject to take home to grade. If there is more than one assignment for each subject, I could rubber band the stacks of paper for each assignment. However, I'm not sure if there is a better way to do this and how to handle giving back papers to students. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
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