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Hello Roanna,
While this sounds like a good suggestion, Tara is doing her teaching 
practicum, which is designed to show how she will teach a class 
independently. Therefore, the college student teacher supervisor wants to 
see that she can work without needing extra help. While such assistance is 
often available once a teacher has a job and her own classroom, through 
parent volunteers and using scheduling teach aide time, especially in the 
lower grades, this is not taken into account when a teacher is demonstrating 
their proficiency as a student teacher. In fact, when the supervisor comes 
out from the college to observe a student teacher, the classroom teacher is 
delighted to leave the classroom and go to the teachers' lounge and work on 
her marking or lesson planning. So, she is most unlikely to want to stay and 
scribe for her student teacher. Also, having the classroom teacher in the 
room when one is trying to learn to teach as a student teacher can be 
extremely unnerving so Tara is unlikely to want the classroom teacher as her 
help of choice.
Just sharing the perspective of a teacher.
Heather Field

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Hi Tara thanks for your message.  You can have your sighted
teacher write the problems on the board for the students to see
while you read them out loud.

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