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I wanted to echo what someone else said. While sighted assistance is often 
fine to use, in this instance it is not.
She has to have some sighted help like to read handwriting, but having 
assistance on an ongoing basis to teach is a bad idea.
Having her supervising teacher write for her will send a bad message that 
she cannot run the class independently.

I believe independence means you are in control. So if we sometimes use a 
reader or scribe, meaning a writer, to facilitate our job, then we are 
independent. But this is student teaching. As I said before, if she gets to 
real teaching in a classroom, things will be easier. Its your own classroom 
to use. You can arrange the room the way you want and also bring in any 
equipment you want.
Assistance from others is available. In fact, she may not even have to teach 
something visual like Math! Many schools have students switch teachers for 
math and science. In lower grades its also common for parents to assist 
more. Also, volunteers are real common in elementary schools. So Tara could 
ask for a community volunteer to come in and assist her. In my county, 
volunteers are most common to help students with reading and writing but 
they can assist in any subject provided the teacher approves and needs it.

Anyways, hopefully Tara can find something that works for her.


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Hi Tara thanks for your message.  You can have your sighted
teacher write the problems on the board for the students to see
while you read them out loud.

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