[nobe-l] Urgent helpful tips for Education classes and observational learning

Valerie Gibson valandkayla at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 13:18:50 UTC 2017

Good morning,
I am just about done with my classes for licensure for elementary school education.  

However there are a couple of classes that I am taking this semester where I will be place in an elementary school classroom, and I must observe classroom management. The professor will be giving us things to look for throughout the semester.  The class is geared to help us, as students, how teachers teach and manage the classroom.  An example the professor gave was, how do students interact one on one with a student or how does a teacher correct misbehavior.

We have a year of this prior to student teaching.  Since this is another person’s classroom, and I wouldn’t have freedom to do things in a non visual way, does anyone have any tips for this?

I think the head of field placement and my professor are a bit nervous about this.  They want to make sure that I get the same information that the students are getting, even the non visual stuff.

I’m meeting with them this week and next to discuss any accommodations that might be needed for field placement, so anything anyone could give would be extremely helpful.


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