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Hello all,

This year, I will begin my first year teaching third grade at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. I had a couple questions about things you did in order to prepare for your first year teaching to make sure everything went smoothly.

1: what questions would you ask the principal in order to best prepare for the beginning of the school year? I have already seen my classroom, collected copies of the text books, and received my class list.
2: what supplies did you find useful that you purchased before school started? I have already gotten several math manipulatives from consignment sales and have gotten several books in print and braille donated. I also have gotten some organizational supplies such as trays, tubs, and bins.
3: what sorts of displays did you create for bulletin boards and items to hang on the wall? I was planning to have the classroom rules, class schedule, classroom management system, and an area for student work.
4: what preparation did you do during the summer to get ready for the first day? I've been going through the third grade standards and making a list of possible activities. I've also been looking for projects that could fit the standards and looking through the textbook. I've written my classroom rules and I am in the process of deciding my management system.

Thanks so much,

Tara Abella


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