[nobe-l] I would welcome your thoughts on cell phone procedures

Craig Cooper craigcooper2013 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 15:27:09 UTC 2017

I know that we have discussed the challenge of dealing with cell
phones in classrooms, on previous threads.  My principal and I were
having a conversation this week, regarding this topic.  I mentioned to
her that I am considering a change in procedure, for next school year.
I continue to encounter students being on their cell phones, during
instructional time in class.  Quite often, they are off task with
their phones, texting, looking at videos, taking pictures, etc.
Obviously, they distract themselves and other students around them,
with this behavior.  Quite often, I am not aware that several students
have their phones out, despite the clear handbook prohibition against
unauthorized cell phone use.
With this in mind, I proposed to my principal that I am considering
having students place their phones in a secure location, at the front
of the class, when they enter the classroom.  They would collect their
phone, at the end of class.  I would likely nominate a student to be a
monitor, to ensure that the correct number of phones were placed in
the container, and that students were complying with the procedure.
Students who were caught with phones would leave class for the rest of
the period.
What are your thoughts, regarding this procedure?  I teach juniors in
high school, and I'd like to think they would follow the student
handbook and my instructions that all phones are to be off and away,
unless the teacher authorizes their use.  The reality is that once
students know that they can take their phones out with a blind
teacher, and that they will likely not get caught, several students
will do this, disrupting their learning, as well as that of students
around them, in many instances.
Thank you in advance.

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