[nobe-l] First day volunteering

Jackie Larrauri ixchel.jackie.larrauri at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 04:14:38 UTC 2017

Hi all,
Ashley: I'm sorry that an education major didn't work out where you
went to university. However, if possible, and if you really want to, I
would say look into other universities within your state and try and
get a sense for what their disabilities offices are like.

I have not done any large-group volunteering, but when I was on a
one-on-one basis with a little girl I mentored who was in
kindergarten, I sometimes talked with the other children about what
they were colouring. One thing I found was that while I had three
people at the table, only one would talk to me as the others were
quite shy. This girl told me what she was colouring, as well as what
others were colouring. There was no need for me to help her or the
other kids, but I think she really appreciated my interaction with
her. Also, when my student was not there and I was sent to another
classroom, I was often a student's reading buddy. This was difficult
as I couldn't see what the student was reading, but it was still nice
to be able to hear how they were progressing and still be able to
help--at least in asking them to slow down or reread a sentence they
were having trouble with.
Hope things get better for you,
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