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PerkyDuck is accessible with JAWS.  The screen reader scripts that Duxbury has developed work with JAWS but not with other screen readers.  If you have a braille display and use JAWS, your work will show up.  You can emboss as well if you have an embosser. I had trouble with it because I was already using Duxbury Braille Translation Software, and the two programs together conflicted with JAWS. 

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Hello all,

As part of my graduate program for receiving my license as a teacher of the blind and low vision, I am taking a course on braille this semester that requires me to use a program called Perky Duck. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this program and  knew if it was accessible with a screen reader. Also, how easy is it to edit your work using the program? To my understanding, the program creates braille dots that can be seen on the screen and graded by the instructor. I’m not sure how this would read with a screen reader though. If this was not accessible for you, what accommodations did you ask for? This is an online class so I need to be able to submit my assignment electronically.


Tara Abella

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