[nobe-l] OCR device for non pc users

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	I think that what may work is a set of bump dots on the 
keys.  However, if the person cannot press on some keys together, 
I'm not sure this will work.  Doesn't the Sara from Freedom need 
the PC for when it reads books? I've not had any experience with 
it before.  I will ask around and get back to you.

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Hello all,

I’m posting this to a few lists, so sorry if you saw this 

I tried to train a person voluntarily on the pc but she could not 
feel the keyboard well enough and could not press keys together 
to execute commands; she had decreased sensativity in her hands 
making this hard for her.

This individual needs and wants to read her own mail, pleasure 
books and more.

What devices are out there which are simple to use with spaced 
apart buttons for scanning and reading which are  not dependent 
on a pc?

I know the Hymns product the Blaze EZ  can scan and read 
documents.  However, I know this device is too small for this 
I am thinking the Sara from Freedom scientific might be a good 
fit.  Any others? What about the Eye pal?
Please provide some description of the device and the pros and 
cons of it.


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