[nobe-l] Running records?

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Hi, Brian,

We discussed if the books could be picked out ahead of time, and the prof said that normally it’s not. Normally the teacher is reading whatever book the student is reading, and is looking at the book as the child reads.

I assume this would mean making sure to be on top of all the books the children are reading as well as making sure that any book the child reads is accessible.

Since this is the second post that has mentioned recordings, I think I’ll email my prof and ask exactly why I can’t use recordings.


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> Hi,
> Is it a pre-selected reading list for the students to choose from, or can you select them? If you have the list ahead of time, you can try to access it electronically, or maybe there is a twin-vision book if you read Braille.
> What kind of data go into the records, words per minute, fluency, etc.?
> One recommendation I have is to record the student reading. You'd then have to go back, listen to the recordings, and then make some notes. This way, you do nothave to focus on following along with the student and taking notes at the same time. Yes, it will mean more time for you, but I think it will result in less confusion.
> To be honest, the bigger pain will be monitoring the rest of the students while you are assessing the individual student.
> Hope this reply helps,
> Brian
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> Good day educators,
> I’m in my last field placement (internship) before I start student teaching in the fall.
> This semester we’re learning how to actually teaching reading, math, science and social studies to kids.  We took classes on this before, ut it was just theory sort of work. Now we’re building on that and acutually creating lesson plans and completing other assignments that we will use our internship.
> My professors met with me and our access center at the university to discuss any questions they had for assignments throughout the semester.
> . I say all of that to say that that’s where I’m cmingg from if I bombard you with questions this semester.
> The question for today is  in regards to running records.
> From what my prof described, running records are Teachers will sit down with a student and read with that student a book that that student happens to be reading. It’s a “read on the fly” sort of thing for it to be authentic.  The teacher will then make notes on that student’s reading.  I don’t know much more than that.
> The prof is willing to make accommodations to complete the assignment if any are needed, but she also wants to make sure I get as authentic of an experience as I cfor the classroom.
> I’m not sure which grade level I’ll be working with, but can you tell me how you have done running records with sighted students? Are there any accommodations that need to be made, that I. Would also be allowed to make in my classroom? Is it easy to immediately pull of the book that the student is reading?  What things should I do beforehand to prepare?
> Thanks for any feedback you could provide.
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