[nobe-l] Is braille overrated?

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Thu Jan 18 15:27:59 UTC 2018

Good morning,
I used to teach sixth grade at a public school. I’m very low partial and also use Braille every day. I read all the time for pleasure but also use Braille extensively in my work. It’s essential in learning another language, reading music, delivering speeches, reading aloud as a student )and as a teacher), and it’s incredibly helpful when working in mathematics. A statistic that I’ve heard and believe states 95% of employed blind people use Braille to at least some extent. With our communities crushing unemployment rate, we need to be jumping on Braille. I can’t think of something so key to a blind person’s independence and self-esteem that’s been more underrated. Please, please, please never discourage anyone with any amoumt of vision loss from learning to read when he/she’s young. It’s just throwing a wonderful tool out of the toolbox, and much like learning a second language, it’s much harder to pick up as you age. 

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> Hello:
>     I am totally blind and have been so from birth. I use braille every
> day. I also use JAWS and an 80 cell braille display. If you don't use
> braille and are totally blind, you are essentially illiterate. How will you
> know the spelling of words and the punctuation used in sentences? Dr. Ruby
> Ryles conducted a study some years ago and found that braille users were
> much more likely to be employed. Happy reading.
> Regards,
> Robert Jaquiss
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