[nobe-l] [Nfb-science] Looking for Suggestions: Moon Project for Next Year's BELL Program

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Tue Jul 24 17:32:23 UTC 2018

Hello Everyone,
As a parent and planning for the future, this topic begs the question. Is
there a need for on-demand custom 3D tactile models? I live in Grand
Junction, home of Mesa State College,  arguably where 3D printing started
and I worked for 3D Systems a manufacturer of several types of 3D
technologies. Surely we can make the stuff as we need it. A somewhat
inexpensive 3D CNC Router and many types of materials carved out to
specifications, partnerships with the STEM labs popping up everywhere. Just
thinking out loud.


Rob Harris

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> Hello All,
> As an idea, maybe you can go with the company TouchGraphics to create
> something unique? They work exclusively to create accessible materials for
> the blind, but their products are somewhat futuristic and can go beyond
> blind accessibility. They 3D print their materials and embed audio into the
> 3D printing, using a LiveScribe smartpen to playback the audio when placed
> on the 3D model. It feels like a game board but with tactile capabilities.
> Different textures can be used to signify available audio information
> embedded on the 3D printing. Maybe do one of the Saturn Rocket which you
> can take apart to show the different stages of flight, with a little person
> printed out to show as a comparison of how big it is (storing the little
> person within the rocket)? Or do a map of the moon with the lunar landing,
> electronic marker, and paths of the astronauts who landed on the moon with
> audio descriptions?
> If you would like to cut back on the costs and create it yourself, maybe
> you could create your own using a Pictures In A Flash and LiveScribe Sound
> Stickers? It would be best to laminate the "map" after applying the sound
> stickers to ensure they don't fall off, which could alter the tactile feel
> of the "map". Another option would be to contact the San Francisco
> LightHouse of the Blind and ask for alternatives. They usually have some
> great ideas to try out and may be able to help with the design.
> Or paper machete the rocket to make it tactile and use the Sound Stickers
> to apply audio descriptions? Again, make sure to wrap it in plastic after
> applying the Stickers to ensure they don't fall off, but make them tactile
> enough that everyone knows where it is. Or apply a tactile scan-able QR
> code(s) which can be used with smartphones and direct users to a youtube
> clip?
> Best,
> Joshua Hori
> Accessible Technology Analyst
> Student Disability Center
> University of California, Davis
> 54 Cowell Building
> Davis, CA 95616
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> Hi Tina and all!
>  So far, I have suggested a few ideas but not on this list. I have
> suggested landing a modle of the Lunar Excertion Moduler on the moon modle
> that we saw when we were hunting for mountain modles last spring. I know
> it's not as acurite as landing the modle on a map of the Sea of
> Tranquillity on the moon but as far as I know, it's the best one that we
> can get our hands on. The feeling of the lunar excertion modle on this
> modle of the moon's sourfice is at least an example of what it would feel
> like at least tactily of what it would look like when one of these modles
> lands on the moon. I have thought of showing what the modles of the space
> craft and space equipment that Neal Armstrong and his crew used through
> these modles is the best way, yes, even better than Space Camp of what they
> look like. I have been to Space Camp and gotten some of my ideas there. I
> have also thought of showing how long one of the Sateran 5 rockets is like
> through having one person stand at where one of each of the stages ends and
> the next one begins and the same for the capsil. When I pulled this one off
> at Space Camp, we stood as close to a real Satern 5 rocket as the roped
> barriers would allow and each person got to say what stage they were
> standing next to in order to show by sound how long they actually are. I
> don't know if we'll be able to pull it off without knowing the location of
> the BELL program is because I don't know how long the hall way that we
> walked down at View Plus is. If it's not long enough, we can't pull it off.
> Mind you, this kind of rocket is as tall as a Red Wood tree which is
> usually in the 300 foot range for an adult Red Wood tree. The younger ones
> are smaller than 300 feet which would be expected because they are trees
> that are still growing. I have also brainstormed things like showing off
> the differences between what ten pounds would feel like on earth VS. ten
> pounds on the moon. True, I can't borrow the spot where they demonstrate
> what the moon's landscape feels like to walk on nor the one sixth gravity
> chair that I got to experience at Space Camp but I'm sure that we could
> show these things off in the ways I have listed in this Email.
> Thank you for taking the time to read this Email!
> Blessed be!!!
> Kendra Schaber
> Chemeketa Community College,
> 350 Org,
> Citizen's Climate Lobby,
> National Federation of the Blind of Oregon, Capitol Chapter, Salem, Oregon.
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> Subject: [nobe-l] Looking for Suggestions: Moon Project for Next Year's
> BELL Program
> Since next year is the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first ever moon
> landing, I thought about doing something around that as part of our state's
> BELL program next year. However, I'm not sure what would be a
> goodpresentation. I have a general idea of what I want to do, to somehow
> recount the story of that landing, but I don't want to have the students
> just sit and read or hear something about it. I also know that I want to
> find models of the command and lunar modules as well as the Saturn 5 rocket
> so they can look at them. However, that's about all I know. We're not sure
> if we're doing the version for ages 4-12 or ages 11-18. We have a lot of
> unknowns, so we're looking for ideas. Do any of you have suggestions on
> what our team might do? Who might we contact for help? Where might I get
> marerials? My team and I are clueless and are looking for any ideas you
> might be able to give us. Thanks.
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