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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Jul 26 02:26:52 UTC 2018

>Below is a description of an important in 
>Maryland that will influence policy throughout 
>the state.  Please circulate and encourage 
>people to apply.  Thank you for your help.  Read below:
>SUMMARY: This position, which is jointly 
>supervised by the Maryland State Department of 
>Education (MSDE) and The Maryland School for the 
>Blind (MSB), has the statewide leadership 
>responsibility to ensure quality programs and 
>services for students who are blind or visually 
>impaired, including those with multiple 
>disabilities by developing and implementing 
>comprehensive plans and providing technical 
>assistance to Local School Systems (LSS) and The 
>Maryland School for the Blind (MSB). 
>Accountabilities Essential Functions: 
>Coordinates planning, design, implementation and 
>evaluation of statewide professional development 
>opportunities that focus on improving student 
>achievement and professional growth in 
>collaboration with MSDE, MSB, LSS, the Maryland 
>Instructional Resource Center (MIRC), in-state 
>and out-of-state colleges and universities, 
>professional and consumer organizations. 
>Provides technical assistance and consultation 
>to LSS, MSDE, MSB, and others to enhance 
>professional development, student achievement, 
>accessibility of learning materials, and other 
>identified needs. Develops staff development and 
>technical assistance resources for MSDE, MSB and 
>LSS that will be the joint approved product of 
>the partnership between MSB and MSDE. 
>Coordinates statewide efforts of MSDE, MSB and 
>LSS to enhance parent support, training, and 
>resources. Coordinates statewide efforts to 
>enhance the accessibility of learning materials 
>for students who are blind or have low vision 
>including those who are deaf-blind and/or are 
>multiply disabled. Responds to inquiries from 
>LSS, parents, and others. Collaborates with and 
>assists the LSS and MSB to secure special 
>education and related services to students when 
>the LSS does not have the local capacity in 
>terms of available qualified staff to provide 
>the IEP required programs and services. Serves 
>as the MSDE liaison to the Maryland State 
>Steering Committee for Programs of the Visually 
>Impaired and the MIRC. Is accountable to the 
>MSDE and MSB supervisors and develops annual 
>jointly approved goals that include specific 
>objectives with timelines. Maintains knowledge 
>of state and national education and special 
>education trends, issues, and opportunities 
>related to assistive technology, curriculum, 
>best practices, legislation, policy, regulations 
>and professional standards. Works with Maryland 
>State Department of Education for all large 
>print, braille and online State Science, Biology 
>and American Government assessments, and PARCC 
>administration. Additionally, coordinates Vision 
>Bias and Sensitivity reviews for Statewide 
>Testing with other states in the PARCC 
>consortium to ensure access and accommodations 
>for students who are blind or visually impaired. 
>(Statewide Assessments) Serves as National 
>Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) 
>coordinator; state contact for questions, 
>information, and dissemination; designate/assign 
>State Accessible Media Producers; work with the 
>National AIM Center at CAST regarding technical 
>assistance to improve AIM in Maryland. 
>(Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) 
>Coordinator for Maryland) Coordinates 
>Certification for teachers of the blind and 
>visually impaired work group meetings. Supports 
>the Division of Curriculum and Assessment (DCA) 
>related to all issues of accessibility; review 
>Race to the Top projects; review online 
>credit-bearing classes. (Accessibility) 
>Facilitates the American Printing House for the 
>Blind Federal Quota Registration Program process 
>for all blind students; facilitate the federal 
>deaf-blind census process for all students with 
>deaf-blindness. (Census Reporting) Serves as 
>grant coordinator for federal grants related to 
>services provided to deaf and blind students. 
>Understanding and use of assistive technology 
>for students who are blind or VI. Work Schedule: 
>37 1/2 daytime hours, Monday through Friday with 
>daily one hour unpaid lunch; position requires 
>regular travel within the state; flextime and/or 
>additional hours, including weekends and 
>evenings, are occasionally required. This is a 
>twelve-month position and will follow the State 
>of Maryland employee schedule. Qualifications 
>Experience and Skills: • Minimum requirement of 
>a Master's Degree in special education of blind 
>or visually impaired students; Doctorate, 
>preferred. • Current certification as a Teacher 
>of the Visually Impaired and/or Orientation and 
>Mobility required. Special education 
>administration or supervision certificate 
>preferred. • A minimum of four years of teaching 
>experience with students who are blind or 
>visually impaired, including those who have 
>multiple disabilities is required. A minimum of 
>3 years administration experience of programs 
>for visually impaired students is preferred. • 
>Comprehensive knowledge of assistive technology, 
>common core and the expanded core curriculum, 
>best practices, legislation, policy, 
>regulations, professional standards, education, 
>special education trends, and statewide testing. 
>• Experience in school improvement initiatives, 
>program evaluation, staff development training, 
>policy development, research, professional 
>publications preferred. • Must be at least 21 years of age.
>Sharon Maneki, President
>National Federation of the Blind of Maryland
>The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland 
>knows that blindness is not the characteristic 
>that defines you or your future. Every day we 
>raise the expectations of blind people, because 
>low expectations create obstacles between blind 
>people and our dreams. You can live the life you 
>want; blindness is not what holds you back.

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