[nobe-l] Seattle, An op-ed opposing Minimum wages for some people with disabilities

S. Kashdan s_kashdan at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 5 16:27:08 UTC 2018

Greetings colleagues,

A few days ago a neighbor called my attention to the op-ed in the Seattle 
Times at the link below.

Minimum-wage mandate will hurt my disabled son’s prospects in the  Seattle 


As an adult who is blind and a teacher of adults with disabilities, 
including visual impairments, I am totally in support of all people with 
disabilities receiving incomes that enable them/us to live lives with 
dignity. I don't believe that anyone's value should be calculated on the 
basis of an external measure of value to an employer.

I am also sympathetic to the concerns of the op-ed writer. But, I don't 
think that reversion to permitting sub-minimum wages is helpful to those who 
are classified as worth less to employers, especially if they do not have 
any source of supplemental financial support.

Please circulate this message. I hope that all those who are familiar with 
and supportive of the Seattle Minimum-wage mandate and the issues involved 
can write to the Seattle Times responding to this op-ed.
The contact information is on the web page at the link above.

Sylvie Kashdan
Kaizen Program For New English Learners With Visual Limitations 

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