[nobe-l] Tactile Model Lending Library: What would like to borrow

rjaquiss rjaquiss at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 6 21:13:05 UTC 2018



     Recently, I posted information about the Tactile Model Lending Library
I am trying to start. For my detailed proposal, I need to describe the kinds
of items the library will have. The essential question is what would you
like to borrow? Here are some possibilities:

1.       Replicas of archaeological artifacts. 

2.       Animal models, dinosaurs, farm animals, jungle animals, fish,
birds, insects etc.

3.       Vehicles, cars, trains, planes, boats etc.

4.       Cultural models, dwellings, dolls, tools etc.

5.       Anatomical models.

6.       Models of famous landmarks and buildings.


Please send your comments to me at rjaquiss at earthlink.net. 

If you want to see my video, here is the link: https://youtu.be/TBsgKMKgguE

I need more YouTube likes. Thank you.









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