[nobe-l] Anchor charts, graphic organizers and next steps

Valerie Gibson valandkayla at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 02:32:22 UTC 2018


I have another quick question that I wonder, and my professors wonder the same.
  Anchor charts and graphic organizers are quite popular nowadays in general ed classrooms it seems.  How do you design and fill those out with students while teaching a mini lesson?  I assume they must be made ahed of time, but from what I’ve seen of graphic organizers in tactile graphics, they’re pretty spacial. How do you know where to put information in them? The same question applies to charts?
  My elementary school teacher that I’m working with says that often times, she makes them ahead of time. She doesn’t think it crucial that the basic framework be made with the kids, but my field supervisor insists that when you’re working with kids, they should be made with the class.
  On a more positive note, I do have a couple professors who are willing to expect reasonable accommodations to be made in my field courses, but they’re unclear as to what would be considered a reasonable accommodation.  For example, do the same accommodations that they would make for me as a student apply for me to expect from the districts?
They insist I try to get in touch with someone who’s worked with sighted kids, preferably ones in elementary school to see if I can’t get information for how best they can help me.  I’m sure they’d also like to talk to any blind educator who’s working with sighted kids, eventually, but they want me to reach out first.  For some of my professors, I don’t think the issue is that they’re unwilling to make accommodations fo rme. They just want  to know what is a reasonable accommodation to some of the things they’re asking me to do, and more importantly, will that carry over into the job aspect.
  I start student teaching next semester. Right now, I’m doing a sort of intern semester.  So if anyone’s free to contact me so I can pick your brains, please contact me off list.  

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