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Ren Leach renleach at gmail.com
Fri May 4 17:30:39 UTC 2018

  Hello everyone!

I am a teacher who is losing my vision. My situation at school, teaching PE, has become a cause of concern for my school district. I asked for an accommodation of a paraeducator being with me in the gym, but they declined. I also received an unsatisfactory on my observation due to my inability to see some behaviors that it happened during class. Are there anyone out there who is also a PE teacher who has had a similar situation? Perhaps there are ideas of things that I could use to better manage in my class..
I have created systems in class such as students wearing numbered vests so I can try and locate them quicker. I do still have a very limited amount of vision left, but it is progressing quickly towards my not being able to see. I also have little buzzers that the students press on their way out of the gym if they need to get a sip of water or use the restroom. I am teaching Elementary students. Thoughts or insights you might have in any regard would be greatly appreciated and most welcome. Thank you so much!


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