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Let me preface my comments by saying that I am in no way a PE teacher and so do not know all what is expected of the position. Here are just a couple thoughts though.  
First, I would say that a teaching assistant is not an unreasonable accommodation...I have heard of other teachers using them in their classes.  I would fight that.  
Second, I would maybe get a little creative.  For example, in the district in which I work, the high school has a couple different career tech programs.....one is for future teachers and another is I believe sports medicine or something of that nature.  I know the students in our future educators program come down to the elementary and middle school levels and part of their coursework involves contact hours in a classroom.  Maybe the sports medicine one requires hours too.  Although they are still students, it would allow you to have another set of eyes on things.  You would still be ultimately responsible and would need to be able to act when something happened.  The high school student could give you the details though.  
My other suggestion is to actively seek out a partnership with a local university or college that has an education program.  College students are almost always required to do field hours in a school setting, not to mention student teaching.  This would allow you to have another adult in the gym with you.  Again, you would ultimately be responsible but having that extra set of eyes couldn't hurt.  
Yes, these things might lead to a little more work on your part, but it's something!  

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.  Best of luck!!!

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  Hello everyone!

I am a teacher who is losing my vision. My situation at school, teaching PE, has become a cause of concern for my school district. I asked for an accommodation of a paraeducator being with me in the gym, but they declined. I also received an unsatisfactory on my observation due to my inability to see some behaviors that it happened during class. Are there anyone out there who is also a PE teacher who has had a similar situation? Perhaps there are ideas of things that I could use to better manage in my class..
I have created systems in class such as students wearing numbered vests so I can try and locate them quicker. I do still have a very limited amount of vision left, but it is progressing quickly towards my not being able to see. I also have little buzzers that the students press on their way out of the gym if they need to get a sip of water or use the restroom. I am teaching Elementary students. Thoughts or insights you might have in any regard would be greatly appreciated and most welcome. Thank you so much!


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