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Would love to try this out. Let me know what I need to do.

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My name is Tony Stockman, I am a blind lecturer in Computer Science at Queen
Mary University of London, UK. You may well know that Clickers is the name
given to systems used to provide feedback to teachers on how their class is
going. The teacher can ask students to vote on an issue, or simply indicate
how well they are currently understanding the taught material. Some systems
offer a wide choice of different types of feedback. The feedback from these
systems is presented visually, often in the form of a graph. One of my final
year undergraduate students is currently developing a version of a Clicker
system for use by blind or partially sighted teachers. I would be delighted
to hear from anyone on the list who may be interested in such a system,
including potentially trialling it when it is developed. Assuming the
development goes well, it will be made available for free at the end of the
project. We would of course like to know if anyone is aware of any similarly
accessible Clicker systems that have already been developed. I am attaching
a brief article on Clicker systems for anyone who is new to them who would
like to read more details.

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