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Dr. Denise M Robinson deniserob at gmail.com
Thu May 30 13:30:48 UTC 2019

 TechVision is planning on a years worth of technology lessons through zoom
twice a month starting in the fall. These lessons will show teachers and
anyone else who would like to join how to do actual school work and hand it
in via email very quickly from a computer. We will also show how to connect
up Braille devices and braille displays etc. troubleshoot computers fix
them easily Basically anything that’s needed to keep these students going
as smoothly and efficiently as sighted students in the class. We will be
showing you how they can access all information. Some examples but not
limited to Word PowerPoint Excel Gmail Google classroom and other
platforms. People can actually send in request also and we can add it to
the agenda.
> Since The PC computer is the most widely used tool for college and
business in the world along with Microsoft office, those will be big
focuses on lessons. The goal is That students go on to college or chosen
vocation and get a job and become taxpayers. The other most used are smart
phones. iPhone being the most popular will also be taught. And we will
demonstrate how well the iPhone and computer work together to enable An
incredibly productive blind low vision student
> The question we would like to know is is there a better day and time for
the majority of people who would like to join these lessons? Do you have
specific requests right now to go ahead and add to the agenda? Lessons will
begin the start of September 2019. Information on how to sign up will go
out the Start of August
> Sent from Dr Denise M Robinson, TVI, PhD, CEO

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*Denise M Robinson, TVI, PhD*

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