[NOBE-L] Guide dogs in the classroom

Jackie Larrauri ixchel.jackie.larrauri at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 02:06:38 UTC 2020

Sorry for all of the questions.
I have a different question about teaching, so I figured I'd make a
new thread for it.
I am just wondering what you all do with your guide dogs during the
school day? I would obviously want my girl with me and have had her in
a sport pop-up crate during my practicum experiences. However, I was
wondering what you all do as teachers in your own classrooms? While
the sport crate is a good option, I feel it might a bit cramped for
her as an everyday option. Further, how do you all handle relieving
your dogs during the day?
How do fire drills work with your guide? I have only experienced one
fire drill and had advanced warning so had her in harness and ready to
go, but obviously if I had not known it would have slowed me down and
compromised my ability to get children out quickly and efficiently.
Last, do you take your dog with you as you take students to and from
specials, lunch, or recess? I have not done this as I'm not sure of
the best way to walk along the line to monitor students and so have
been using my cane as I can move more fluidly in the hallway,
especially to walk from front to back or when multiple classes are in
the hallway.
Thank you in advance,
Jackie Larrauri

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