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Mon Jul 6 19:28:59 UTC 2020

Hello all,

I am currently going through the process of trying to take my licensing exam to add Teacher of the Blind and Low Vision to my elementary education and special education teaching license through Pearson in Indiana. I was originally scheduled to take the exam in April, but because of COVID-19, the testing facilities closed during the time when I was scheduled to take the exam. I was told on my account that I am not able to reschedule online because I receive accommodations for my test due to my blindness, and I am only able to schedule over the phone. Because of the volume of calls coming in, it took me over a week of calling every day and waiting on hold for over an hour during what the website said were non-peak hours to get ahold of someone to schedule my test. I then was told I would be contacted within 48 hours to let me know dates, times, and locations that would work with my reader for taking the exam. After a week, I still had heard nothing, so I spent another week trying to get ahold of someone. On Pearson‘s website, I found a customer service email which I contacted, but was told I could only contact the Pearson Vue accommodations line to check the status of my test and schedule a date. At the beginning of the second week, I was told that my test was in a cue and they would contact me once they had gotten to my Account, but refused to give me a timeframe or a direct phone number or email address I could contact if this didn’t happen. It has now been three weeks, I have heard nothing, and once again I am waiting hours on hold to get an update. I would like to know if anyone else is having this difficulty right now, and what steps I should take to get this test scheduled since I was told calling the Pearson Vue accommodations line was the only option for scheduling the test. This seems like an undue burden, and although I am trying to be sensitive because of the Covid circumstances, it is ridiculous that a non-disabled teacher can schedule a test directly on the website within 10 minutes, but I have been spending hours on the phone for the past month each weekday trying to get this scheduled. On top of this, I am running a summer program with another teacher, and do not have the time to dedicate to waiting hours on the phone each day to get this scheduled, but I need the licensing area in order to maintain my employment. I hope everyone is safe and well during this time.

Thank you,

Tara Abella

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