[NOBE-L] Accessibility Inquiry Re: Schoology Learning Management Platform

Humberto Avila humberto_avila.it104 at outlook.com
Thu Jul 30 23:14:01 UTC 2020

Howdy, fellow listers,

I hope you are having an amazing summer full of positivity and good things, amongst these troublesome times.

I am emailing you with a question some of you, I'm hoping, can answer for me.

My public school district, in efforts to continue with virtual teaching and assessment, this upcoming school year, is acquiring a new online learning management system called Schoology. I haven't heard anything about Schoology except that it works like other e learning platforms like Canvas and D2L, of which I have become rather proficient in and have used extensively. These I mentioned are very accessible with screen readers on iPhone and Windows. So I'm wondering, is it also true for Schoology? Have any of you guys experienced Schoology before? If so I would like some feedback from a JAWS-user and VoiceOver-user standpoint as I am a teacher of students with visual impairments and I need to be able to teach it to my student when we start virtual classes next month.

Having no access to this Web site / apps (and probably none for a while) as well as my schools' last minute decision encouraged to ask here and I thank you in advance for any input!

Best Regards,


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