[NOBE-L] Questions about teaching in the lower primary grades

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Thu Sep 3 19:27:29 UTC 2020

Hi Jackie,

I am happy to discuss each of these questions with you. It would be easiest over the phone. Please feel free to email me to set up a call.


> On Sep 1, 2020, at 8:02 PM, Jackie Larrauri via NOBE-L <nobe-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Good evening everyone,
> This is Jackie again and I wanted to reach out to you all as you were all so helpful when I asked questions a few months ago.
> Here are a few more questions that I have thought about as I near the completion of my education program and student teaching:
> 1. Are platforms such as class dojo and seesaw accessible? I am asking as these are the main platforms I see schools using.
> 2. How do you all teach handwriting or reading? I have absolutely no vision so I’m wondering how you would go about teaching reading (tracking the words with your fingers, making sure children are tracking), handwriting (ensuring students are writing their letters with appropriate form, making sure letters aren’t being flipped), and writing (making sure students are writing what they say they’ve written, grading writing prompts, making sure the picture matches the words, etc).
> 3. How do you go about decorating your classroom to make sure it’s visually appealing and accessible to you? How do you post standards or objectives—I know many sighted teachers will just write these in on dry-erase sleeves and point to the words as students read.
> 4. How do you make sure that you have all of the texts in an accessible format? By this I mean, how do you make sure to have your classroom library accessible to you?
> 5. How do you get curriculum materials (Braille, word files, PDF’s)?
> 6. How do you project things onto a smart board or projector and still use a screen reader? Is this something I should talk with my chosen student teaching district to make sure I have access to a computer with screen reader for student teaching or is this something I should provide myself?
> I apologize for all of these questions but I am extremely nervous and starting to doubt myself despite the passion I know I have for the field.
> Thank you for all of your responses,
> Jackie
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