[NOBE-L] Braille Printers for Graphics

Sarah Clark sarah at sarahaclark.com
Sat Jun 12 21:48:32 UTC 2021

I am a blind mom currently homeschooling my sighted preschooler, and I 
would like to obtain raised line designs so that I can color with her. 
However, the existing tactile coloring books seem quite expensive, 
particularly if my daughter is wanting to use them to so as to color the 
same pictures as I am doing.

We have a braille printer, and I am thinking it may be possible to print 
raised line replicas of coloring book pages (either that have been 
scanned in or found somewhere online).  Does anyone have experience 
using the graphics feature on a braille printer? Ours is a Juliet 
printer, if that makes a difference.


Sarah Clark

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